Helher Escribano

Helher Escribano

She studied architecture and discovered his passion for cinema in Mexico when he was in the final year of his career. Helher Escribano (Helena Herráez Escribano, Ibiza, 1986) created in 2008 Helher Photo (currently, Helher Studio), the brand with which it was introduced in the audiovisual sector. Restless and multifaceted, the young woman has an extensive curriculum in which works shine as director of photography of various short films and video clips; as a photographer and graphic designer in theatre plays and as a film and advertising director.

She has worked with Álex de la Iglesia twice, (directing the making of ‘Musarañas’ and ‘El Bar’). She assures that “she is passionate about challenges” and is currently immersed in the preproduction of her first film as director of photography, “Downunder” (by director Fernando González Gómez) and in the development and writing of several projects. In 2017 she created Ibicine, a film festival that she had wanted to carry out in Ibiza for more than 10 years and, after the success of the first edition, this year has made the festival grow, not only at an island level but also at a national level and international.

With more than 500 short films received, the festival will start on June 18 in Can Ventosa and continue through the municipalities of the island, until closing at the Teatro España in Santa Eulalia, like last year, with a gala in the purest style of the Oscar founder of the Ibizan audiovisual production company Filmótica.

You have been studying architecture. Was it frustrating to realize that it was not your thing?

Frustrating? Not at all. I entered Architecture with honours and went to the course per year. Anyone who has studied the race knows that it is rather complicated … Architecture I liked, but deep down I knew that I did not want to be an architect, it was not my passion or my dream … Due to life circumstances, I travelled to Mexico and there began my journey to the cinema. I fell in love with the cinema, with the filming, with that way of living telling stories, deceiving – if you allow me – the viewer because in the cinema everything is a lie …

I like architecture and everything I studied in the career It has helped a lot in my life. I think you have to live life with passion and for that, you have to let go … I let myself go and I do not regret anything, I love what I do. Moving from architecture to cinema was not frustration, but rather a decision, probably one of the most successful in my life.

How would you define your relationship with the cinema?

It is one of the most important pillars of my happiness. I love watching movies, of course, but enjoying all the processes involved in making any production, however small, is what really makes me happy. Is incredible. One is so involved in each job that it becomes a son, a child of many people because the cinema is made as a team. This is another of the things that I love about this profession: that one is nobody without the other and we all struggle to tell a story.

What is your favourite movie and why?

I do not have a favourite movie, although there are many that I like and they have marked me a lot. As in my life, in the movies, I do not always like the same thing … I love suspense and I adore Hitchcock’s films. Of his films, I have a special affection for ‘With death in the heels’ for his convoluted and apparently absurd plot, which has you in suspense until the end, which also highlights the architecture at various moments of the film. Chance? Although almost all his films amaze me.

My life without me, by Isabel Coixet, stirred me so much inside that I can never get it out of my head … And, to continue with the variety, I love movies that talk about time travel or space, I wonder to think about these things and now it comes to mind “Interestellar”, Christopher Nolan, which left me thinking several weeks on the subject…

What is it like to work with Álex de la Iglesia?

It was a great experience that I learned a lot. In charge of the documentary about how ‘El Bar’ was shot, I had the opportunity to be in each and every one of the moments of preparation, shooting and postproduction of the film. I was like a sponge, absorbing everything I could learn from him and his team. For a person like Álex de la Iglesia to flatter your work is a comparable high to win any prize. I always joke with printing and framing the first personal e-mail that he sent me, congratulating me for my work.

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