Grafitero Fossi Ibiza


His name is Manuel López, though everyone knows him by his stage name, Fossi.  Born in the Seville neighbourhood of La Macarena, he followed in the footsteps of the great painters of his country by portraying the reality of his time, although he swapped the brush for the spray can – his tool for creating his works of art. He arrived in Ibiza eight years ago to work in the graphic design department of Space.

He later moved on to Pacha, Amnesia and HÏ Ibiza, and he is currently part of the creative team of The Night Leage. He combines this work with his passion for street art, filling the most unexpected corners of the island with colour from his iconic skulls.

How did your relationship with the world of graffiti start?

I started spray painting in 1985, thanks to an American friend from naval base Rota who brought me closer to the hip-hop movement, also driven by films like The Warriors, Beat Street and Wild Style…

How would you define yourself as an artist?

I don’t have a definition for my work as an artist, but I do for me as a person which ultimately translates into my work: I consider myself fun, friendly, polite and very happy.

What do your artistic compositions speak about?

My pieces are easily recognized as I paint fun skulls with curved and smooth lines, in a wide range of colours in saturated tones.

Where can we find some of your work in Ibiza?

I have several pieces that can be seen at present, although in the world of graffiti, art doesn’t usually remain forever. I usually paint in a place where I don’t bother anyone or where I don’t harm the environment. You can find pieces on the wall of Sa Colomina high school, on the wall of Can Misses’ running tracks, on the wall of the football ground of Can Cantó… or in schools like Can Coix, Nuestra Señora de Jesús, or Santa Gertrudis, which was the last one we painted.

What are your sources of inspiration?

The fellow artists that I paint with now: Chine, Mondo Biq, Butron, Hosh and other great artists from the island like Necko, Jerom, Sune, Opek, Boke, Manuél “el francés”… and sometimes, inspiration also comes from my other artistic side: graphic design.

Future challenges as an artist?

Continue to paint whenever I can. And aim to always make each piece better than the one before it. J

When did you start getting into design?

It followed my graffiti work… at the beginning, my pieces were for covers and posters of Seville hip-hop groups. Then I started working professionally for parties and nightclubs…

How would you summarize your career as an artist? 

I am always learning and trying new forms of artistic expression. I love illustration, lettering and simple compositions without fear of horror vacui.

Are there any projects that you remember with particular fondness?

I am fond of them all really, but if I had to choose one it would be my work for Lío Ibiza: I loved seeing it printed.

INSTAGRAM OF FOSSI: @fossi.flyer