Estrevista de Melisa Ramet

Melisa Ramet

Melisa Ramet (Argentina, 1983) is an interdisciplinary artist who has lived and worked in Ibiza since 2008. She moves comfortably between different disciplines and techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, photography, performance, film, video and installation. Always inspired by the beauty of the feminine nature, Melisa is also co-creator of the creative festival for women “Tanit Dreams”. The event, which next year will host its third edition, encourages women to become muses of the world, exploring the love of nature, art, self-knowledge and poetic inspiration.

Why Ibiza?

Because it’s a beautiful island, colourful, full of nationalities and different personalities. It has an ancestral and spiritual essence. 

Do you think that Ibiza is a good place to develop your artistic career?

It is without a doubt a good place of inspiration for developing my career. I have lived here for more than 10 years and in truth, Ibiza still surprises me every day, I like the mixture of eccentricity. I feel that Ibiza is a powerful base from where I can work creatively, where my work and I draw from its energy.

How would you define your work?

My work is an alchemical process that brings together drawing, painting, collage, photography, performance, video and installation, and is characterized by an emphasis on brightness, strength and the movement of colour. Using nature, its textures, anthropological research of ancestral roots, the flow of water… my work is a reflection of a mood, magnifying the void through light and colour.

How has your work been received on and off the island?

I have actually received very positive results with my work inside and outside the island. After my last solo exhibition “Ink Universe”, new horizons opened for my artistic career. I have received proposals to exhibit in other countries as well as projects with other artists and cooperations. I am very pleased!

What are your sources of inspiration?

My sources of inspiration are nature, the textures of the wood worn by the sea, the shapes of stones and crystals, the flow of water. Dreams, the physical and energetic body. There are artists, writers and teachers who always inspire me intellectually and creatively. Just to name a few: Everett Millais, Egon Schiele, Mucha, Pru Stent, Amanda Charchian, Bjork, Mantak Chia, Jodorowsky, Isadora Duncan, Oliverio Girondo, Sohar Villegas.

Where can we see your work?

My works can be seen in my studio in Santa Gertrudis, on my website ( and very soon in the new exhibition that I am preparing.

How did the “Tanit Dreams” project come about and what does it consist of?

This project was born from professional women who are doers and dreamers, with the deep conviction that art and holistic disciplines raise the vibration of women and consequently of the world they touch. We have created this project under the tribe’s vision, inspired by the co-creation of beauty and a space for rest and growth in nature. This festival is an opportunity to confirm and strengthen our love of nature, art, self-knowledge and our existence as poetic inspiration.  A happy occasion to nourish us and we go on as muses for the world. On a personal and professional level, it is our ultimate dream project.

When will the next edition of the festival take place? What new things can we expect to see?

It’s a festival that happens once a year, the third edition will be in May 2019, with the date yet to be confirmed. Each year we see a renewal of both the team of teachers and the place where it is held. For us, the choice of location is always a challenge, because we want the best to ensure that the participants feel complete.  This year will be a whole new experience to discover.

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