Entrevista de Omar Alcaide Ibiza

Omar Alcaide

Music lives within it since it has use of reason. With only 18 years old, the Ibizan Omar Alcaide is a great musical promise at the national level. Currently, he is in charge of the band that bears his name “Omar Alcaide Quintet”, but he also plays with other bands like Skin Lovers, Musicaires or Swing Band. At age 17 he began his professional career at Heart Ibiza, where he continues to work as musical director, multi-instrumentist and arranger. He plays the guitar, the piano, the bass, the saxophone …

There seems to be no instrument that resists this musician who, despite his youth, is very clear about his professional goals: “to be part of the staff of musicians of Circo del Sol in Canada and continue his training in the United States. At what age did your passion for music begin?

Honestly, I do not remember the moment when my passion for music began, I come from a family full of artists, and since I was born, at home I was surrounded by instruments and music all day.

How many instruments do you play?

I have done concerts and recordings with five instruments (guitar, piano, bass, double bass and saxophone), although my main instrument is the guitar. I have a lot of facility for the instruments.

If I had to choose a single instrument, what would it be?

Guitar. It is the instrument with which I feel most free and with which I have more technique and facility to express what I feel or what is in my head. Although the fact of having to leave other instruments like the piano, to compose, it would be complicated …

How has your training been as a musician?

I started classical piano at age 4 and after 7 years I did jazz and harmonization. With the guitar I was much more self-taught, my teacher was “YouTube” for many years. I have always developed a lot of my hearing, so to pass everything from the piano to the guitar and understand all the concepts, it is much easier for me. During these years in which I started to do concerts in and out of Ibiza, I had great teachers like Norberto Rodríguez and Rafael Garcés -among others-. In the future I would like to move to the United States to study at a higher jazz conservatory, in New York or in Boston.

You are a versatile artist and have collaborated with musicians of all kinds of styles: from hip-hop to flamenco, or jazz. In what style are you most comfortable?

The truth is that I could not choose a style. Each music has its charm and its moment, things that do not bring you one, you bring them another, and meet people from all walks of life, play all the music, and above all appreciate them, makes you a much more complete musician.

What percentage of technique and “feeling” do we find in their live performances?

They are complemented, although I consider myself a guitarist who lets himself be guided by the feeling, to express what you feel you need a technique that allows you to move where you want.

What has it meant for you to join the artistic cast of Heart Ibiza?

I went for a substitution when I was 16, and the truth is that everyone was freaking out. This year I am a multi-instrumentalist / musical director and arranger. Heart more than musically, it gives me a discipline, schedules and professionalism when it comes to turning your hobby into a job. By 2019, I would like to join the Cirque du Soleil team in Montreal, for which I have to go through a series of castings that I am preparing.

When and where can we attend a concert of yours?

Every day of the week, except Wednesdays, I’m at Heart’s dinner show, from 10:45 to 00:30, which everybody can attend, until October 7th. With the Skin Lovers group, we have a couple of concerts in September, on the 24th at the “Playing for Change” festival, and on September 3 I will be part of the Eivissa Jazz Festival program, with my group Omar Alcaide Quartet, with which We have several tours of the peninsula this winter.

Do you think that in Ibiza the music scene (beyond electronics) is in good health?

Live music in Ibiza has a lot of richness, there are many types of music and musicians, together with all the different cultures that live in Ibiza. The problem is the places and the bans that musicians are put on lately, compared to the whole circle of electronics that moves masses of thousands and thousands of people.

What are your goals as a performer?

My goal is always to be able to enjoy what I really like, meet people and travel around the world. Being a professional musician and working with all kinds of artistic expressions to grow as an artist and as a person.

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