Entrevista a Carles Fabregat Ibiza

Carles Fabregat

Writer, graphic designer, director of Can Ventosa‘s cultural program for twelve years, sculptor… Carles Fabregat, born in Barcelona and resident of Ibiza since 1985, has been connected to culture his entire life. He studied fine arts, specialising in sculpture. He has published a book of short stories, four of poetry and an essay on the cinema in Eivissa. There is also a further poetry book pending publication.  Carles Fabregat is looking forward to next year when two exhibitions of his paintings will be held on the island.

Writer, graphic designer, director of Can Ventosa‘s cultural program for twelve years, sculptor… How can a person embrace so many artistic disciplines?

Becoming director at Can Ventosa was part of my commitment to cultural management over these last thirty years. And I hope I don’t sound pretentious if I say that we could add more topics to the list. At the moment, for example, I am more interested in painting than sculpture; there is also film criticism (which actually started in the early 80s in Barcelona) and the production of a number of documentaries, among other things. There was a time in which this worried me – I was sure that I wouldn’t gain a deep understanding of any of these subjects. And that was certainly the case. But I am old enough now to accept myself as I am.

In which of these disciplines do you feel more comfortable?

I guess that I am the result of my curiosity, my desire to learn and to experiment. I feel comfortable in the exploration of various fields. Maybe this means that I show a certain youthful attitude, a certain resistance to compromise. But I equally love poetry, cinema, fine arts, analysis… In the end, it is all part of the same poetic language.

Do you miss heading Can Ventosa’s cultural program?

Being responsible for the Can Ventosa program for twelve years (theatre, music, dance, courses on culture, exhibitions…) and simultaneously having the privilege of helping to bring some of the most exciting cinema releases to Eivissa through the Anem al cine program, which has been running for 27 years, couldn’t have been a more rewarding experience. I am grateful to have been able to hold that position.

In your opinion, has what Ibiza has to offer culturally changed in recent years?

Contrary to what is often thought, there has always been a cultural world in Eivissa. It is about finding a place in it, based on putting one’s own desires at stake. Despite this, or precisely because of this, the offer has grown dramatically in recent years. On one side it is more honest, on the other more devoid of content or interest. It is a matter of positioning oneself there where there is less deception.

What kind of cultural expression do you think is missing in Ibiza?

Rather than looking at a lack of cultural expression, in general, I would like to see more self-criticism and a little less pretence. Contrary to an implicitly accepted axiom, we are not all artists. Artistic practice always entails growth and personal benefit, not necessarily economic, but not everything deserves to be exposed.

Currently, you are dedicating more time to writing and sculpture. Which projects are currently occupying your time? Which ones will be coming soon?

I am about to finish a book of poems and I dedicate all the time I can to paint. In the first half of 2019, March and May, I have two exhibitions planned in Ibiza.

You will be participating in this edition of the Mal del Cap festival as a judge.  How do you feel being on the other side of artistic creation?

Very good! I have a critical vein that satisfies me as much as an artistic practice. I am always debating between the compulsion to look, to analyse and to create with my own resources. Don’t forget that I was also a film critic for the Diario de Ibiza for twenty years. And I have also ventured into art criticism which is a bold move when your work is in that same field.

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