Festa a Casa per Sant Jordi

Fiestas de Sant Jordi


The Sant Josep City Council has announced the program of the Festa a Casa per Sant Jordi, which due to confinement must be held through the profiles on the social networks. For this day of Thursday, April 23, they have sought to give prominence to local literature and music, with storytelling and performances throughout a day that will end with the music of Joven Dolores, which can be followed from home but also in the streets of Sant Jordi. As a novelty also, various competitions have been called to encourage residents to participate from home and win a prize.

On Thursday morning, starting at 10 am, various storytelling and origami workshops have been scheduled, as well as a circus performance with juggling with the first musical performance of the program: the Musibaby concert, by Anikó Pusztai and Santi Pérez.

From 1 pm, a block dedicated to tradition and culture will be broadcast, with recipes for making such typical creations as orelletes or flaó, in addition to a very special collaboration by the Sant Jordi Folkloric Group. It will be time to listen to the poems of Julio Herranz and Eva Tur, in addition to the literary recommendations that all citizens want to send us.

In the afternoon, at 4 pm, the program resumes with children’s activities, among which the presentation of the story ‘Clastarha, the peixet juganer’, by Emma Segura, stands out. There will also be storytelling with Maritza, David, Monmar, Joana Guirado with Kamishibai by Rocio de Wabiza, who will also repeat the origami workshop.

The next block, at 6 pm, the presentation of the story ‘Amistat cosmic’, by Eva Tur illustrated by Carol Tur, in a virtual act with the author enlivened by the music of Laura Marino. In addition, a report will be projected on the capture of swarms and another that discovers the similarity of the traditional costumes of Fraga, in the Ponent Strip, with those of Ibiza. Las Mujeres de Faldetes, as those who still wear the old-style dress, are called, celebrate their day precisely on April 23, coinciding with the Diada.

Starting at 7 pm, live music arrives with performances by Pizza 4 Brkfst (made up of Pere Navarro and Franco Botto) and One Man Rocks, from Mallorca. The main course will be Joven Dolores, who will act on the City Council’s Facebook at 8 pm and can be heard at the same time by the public address of the emergency fleet vehicles during the stop.

Check the complete schedule by clicking HERE.