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The VI African Film Festival returns to Sant Josep

Mi amigo Fela Muestra de cine africano 2020 - African Film Festival


The Sant Josep City Council maintains its commitment to the independent cinema by holding the VI African Film Festival in Sant Josep, with eight screenings scheduled between May 7 and 10. Due to the situation of confinement, the exhibition will be held virtually, in the format of cinema on-demand with an offer that can be accessed through a specific microsite on the website of the Sant Josep City Council and the interactive program, with direct access to each title.

These links will not be active until programming begins with a presentation that will precede the first screening, ‘Mi amigo Fela’, which also premieres on State screens. Can Jeroni takes the cinema to your house with the first online cinema show that is made on the island, a fact forced by the state of alert.

Mi amigo Fela Muestra de cine africano 2020 - African Film Festival

Through the website of the VI African Film Festival, viewers will be provided with the link to access each title of the exhibition, which will be available for the days it will last. There will be no conventional projection schedule, but in the cinema-on-demand modality, each user will be able to see the projection when they are interested. All titles will be available from May 7 to 10 with the only exception of the one that opens the exhibition, ‘Mi amigo Fela‘, which will only be available for 24 hours from its premiere, on May 7 at 8 p.m., after the presentation act.

It should be said that the projection in this virtual Can Jeroni is also its premiere throughout the State. It is a Brazilian production directed by Joel Zito Araújo focused on the complex life of Fela Cuti, revealed through conversations with his great friend and biographer Carlos Moore.

The list of titles of the VI African Film Festival is completed by ‘Karmen Geï‘, a Senegalese adaptation of Bizet’s opera; L’Orchestre d’Aveugles‘, Moroccan title set at the beginning of Hassan II’s reign; Kinshasha symhony‘, German documentary detailing the creation of a symphony orchestra in the DR Congo capital; Andalousie mon amour‘, Moroccan production about two students who dream of Europe; Une place dans l’avión‘, Senegalese short film from 2016; Et Romeo a epousé Juliette‘, short co-produced between Belgium and Tunisia; Pumzi‘, a Kenyan and South African co-production short film set in an apocalyptic world.