Anem a Maig: Concerts, ‘show cooking’ and online exhibitions

Anem a Maig 2020

This Friday the most atypical Anem a Maig festivities will begin given the limited movement due to the lockdown. For this reason, the program of activities has been converted into an offer of fully online activities where live concerts, monologues, ‘showcookings’ and cocktail classes or the possibility of receiving birthday greetings for the little ones from Cachirulo stand out. In addition, well-known elderly people with a history closely linked to the activities of their towns will be interviewed and everyone will be invited to make a toast on the balconies at 1:00 p.m. on May 3, First Sunday of May.

This year all the residents of the municipality and the rest of the island will be able to Anem a Maig without leaving home thanks to a fully digital program of performances that will be available on the web and will feature broadcasts on direct through the Facebook page of the Santa Eulària des Riu City Council. Besides, there will be a participatory section since different virtual exhibitions will be made with the photographs that the neighbours send, both of flowers and plants and of old vehicles or cars. Images can be sent to

The activities, which will last until May 10, begin this Friday, May 1. The official departure will be in charge of the mayor, Carmen Ferrer, from 10.00. That day there will already be the first of the interviews with very prominent people in their parishes and with a long life history, so they will surely be able to contribute very important visions and comments on how the municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu has evolved in the last half-century.

Esta primera entrevista será con José Ferrer Ferrer, de can Pep d’en Parot de Sant Carles. Le seguirá al día siguiente Juan Torres, de can Riera, en Santa Gertrudis; Eulalia Torres Ferrer, de can Pere d’en Xico de Es Coll de sa Vaca de Santa Eulària hablará el día 3. El fin de semana siguiente cerrarán estas entrevistas José Guasch Cañas y Margalida Roig.

Fluxà Ibiza talleres hierbas

The ‘show cooking’ or cooking programs will also be very prominent in Anem a Maig. They will be every day (except the First Sunday of May) at 1:00 p.m. and there they will teach us various recipes such as Ibizan squid with sobrassada, tacos, peasant chicken stew with chocolate, fried octopus or carob cake, among others. Some ‘show cooking’ will be the ones that will be broadcast live in the evenings (20.30) on Wednesdays and Fridays.

They will be master classes in cocktails where they will teach us how to prepare classic and not so classic mixes such as a frigola spritz, Ibizan mojito, Moe flambé or a polo sour. For the most classic ones, on Saturday, May 2 at 8:30 p.m., there will be an Ibizan herb workshop in collaboration with Can Fluxà.

Musical performances also stand out on the Anem a Maig party program. They will be the stars of the nights, with live performances every day by groups and singers such as Doctor Trapero, Omar Alcaide, Morning Drivers, Vudu Delta, Tales of Gloom, Funkale, Marc Cuevas, Uncle Sal, Windrose and Alamar, as well as different DJ.

Concierto de Omar Alcaide Ibiza

In this vein, on the First Sunday of May a very special activity will be held since all those who wish to will be invited to participate from their balconies or windows in the interpretation of ‘Bona nit blanca roseta’. The score of this popular song can be downloaded from the web

Humor will also be very present in the programming of Anem a Maig. On odd days of the week it will be for the little ones starting at 09:30 am with shows by Cahirulo, and with the show Quin cangueli! of Xip Xap Theater on the First Sunday of May at 7:00 p.m. And for adults, humorist José Boto will offer two monologues: ‘Party at home’ on Sunday, May 3 at 8:15 pm; and ‘Que no humor’, a week later at the same time.

This Sunday is the big day of the Anem a Maig festival and for that some of the most important and tradition-related activities have been reserved. Thus, there will be a ‘virtual dance’ (each at home but connected by the networks) of the group Es Broll at 1:15 p.m., just after the popular toast. At noon you will be able to see the report of the series ‘El llegat de les Pitïuses’ that the director Josep Maria Bassols dedicated to the First Sunday of May and which has been loaned by the Consell Insular. And in the afternoon, the historian and religious Francisco Javier Torres Peters will offer a talk on the origin of the First Sunday of May party.