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Fluxà Ibiza is organising two new workshops on how to make your own liqueur of local wild herbs.

Fluxà Ibiza - Hierbas Payesas - Ibizan Herbs

DATE: March 8 and 15 of 2020
HORA: 10h30 AM
PLACE: Fluxá Ibiza
PRICE: 24 €
WEB: www.fluxaibiza.com
FACEBOOK: @FluxaIbiza
INSTAGRAM: @fluxa_ibiza

Fluxa talleres hierbas

From the countryside of Ibiza to your glass: for lovers of Ibizan culture and homemade goods, Fluxà Ibiza is setting up two new workshops this month to teach you how to prepare your own liqueur of local wild herbs. The workshops will take place Sunday 8 and Sunday 15 of March. Will you join us?

The Fluxà Ibiza estate has an incredible botanical garden which houses all the ingredients necessary to prepare this exquisite liqueur: aromatic plants and other herbs typical of the island of Ibiza. The workshop is taught by Joan Tur, with whom we will tour the property in search of the 18 plants needed to make the drink. He will give us details about each one of the herbs and provide interesting anecdotes about the preparation process. Once all the plants have been collected, we will get to work.

Hierbas de Fluxa Ibiza

So how do you prepare this herbal liqueur?

Frígola, fennel, conehead thyme, rosemary, lemon verbena, eucalyptus, chamomile, oregano, mint and peppermint are just some of the plants used in the formula. A total of 18 plants will need to be macerated with aniseed liqueur. We will work around a large table and, following Joan’s instructions, we will begin to introduce the ingredients into the bottles. We will then be shown how to seal them correctly. Our bottles will need to be left to rest for three months before we can taste the contents. But, not to worry! We will get the change to try some herbal liqueur during the workshop. Additionally, Juan Tur will also reveal the secret of another one of the most typical recipes of Ibiza: Café Caleta. There will a tasting session paired with delicious homemade doughnuts. At the end of the workshop, we will take home our bottle along with a diploma and the recipes for both the herbal liqueur and Café Caleta.

Talleres de Fluxà Ibiza

Registrations open for March courses on making your own liqueur of local wild herbs.

Registrations are now open for the workshops on how to make your own liqueur of local wild herbs, which will take place on March 8 and 15. You can sign up by sending an email to juantur@canfluxa.com or a WhatsApp to 649 192 285. The price of the workshops is 24 euros (23 + 1 for the NGO Together). More information about the Fluxà Ibiza workshops at www.fluxaibiza.com or on their Facebook page.