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From the Ibiza Sustainability Observatory, a project of the Ibiza Preservation Foundation, they have already launched an environmental perception survey to find out the opinion of the society resident in Ibiza on environmental threats and their consequences on the island.

The survey is part of the preparation of the annual report of the Ibiza 2019 Sustainability Observatory, which is currently in the preparation phase with intense work in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data to find out what is the reality of environmental sustainability in the island.

The intention of the Observatory is to know to what extent the perception of residents in Ibiza corresponds to the reality of the empirical data that their report will collect and to know what are the issues that really concern citizens. But for the results of the survey to be meaningful, the Observatory reminds us of the need for it to reach the maximum number of residents of Ibiza possible, which is why they request citizen collaboration, not only to complete the survey – a task that will not cost more 10 minutes – if not also to share it among the largest number of population possible.

The survey, which is anonymous and will be active until March 31, can be found in both Spanish and English in the news section of the Ibiza Preservation website,, and on the Foundation’s social networks. According to this entity, the information collected will be very useful for the analysis of environmental sustainability in Ibiza, a task in which the Ibiza Preservation Sustainability Observatory works precisely to improve knowledge about the current state of sustainability of the island by means of a compilation of scattered and difficult to access information and its subsequent analysis and interpretation.

The objective of the Observatory’s annual reports is to identify and quantify the main socio-environmental problems of the island of Ibiza, helping to guide priorities and actions for the conservation of nature and landscape. For this reason, this entity considers it essential to also know what the public’s perception of all these issues is and, therefore, they encourage residents of the island to comment on these issues through their survey.

Links to the online survey in Spanish and English:


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The Ibiza Sustainability Observatory is an Ibiza Preservation project, aimed at improving knowledge about the current state of sustainability on the island. The work focuses on the collection and analysis of data on biodiversity, waste, water, energy, territory, tourism, etc. In this way, the main socio-environmental problems of the island of Ibiza are identified and quantified, helping to guide priorities and actions for the conservation of nature and landscape.


IbizaPreservation works to preserve, protect and restore the land and sea of Ibiza and Formentera and promotes sustainable initiatives. For more than 10 years, Ibiza Preservation has identified, researched and supported local projects that have had a positive impact on the islands. It raises money from people, foundations and companies that care about the future of Ibiza and Formentera, and finances and delivers projects that help our environment and our community to prosper. For more information, visit

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