#FERRYTOPARADISE: The lighthouses of Formentera: 3 essential visits on the island!

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— lighthouses of formentera

Formentera, the smallest of the Pitiusas, has an area of 84 square kilometers. Despite its tiny size, there are many places worth visiting on this Mediterranean island of exuberant beauty. A good example is the lighthouses. In total, there are three lighthouses on Formentera. Next, we propose a route to visit them. And do not forget that, to travel from Ibiza to Formentera, buying your ferry ticket in Trasmapi, with the promotional code 2020QUEHAGOHOY, you will have a super discount!

Faro de la Mola Formentera


It is one of the most visited points on the island (and it is also the highest, at about 120 meters above sea level). Turned into an icon of Formentera, it is said that the La Mola lighthouse, located on a steep cliff, served as a source of inspiration for Jules Verne. It is located at the eastern end of the island and from here you can contemplate an extraordinary panoramic view of Formentera. And if you want to enjoy a unique image, we recommend you get up early to watch the sunrise from this place. It will be worth it!

Faro de Barbaria Formentera


The famous Cap de Barbaria is the southernmost point of the Balearic Islands and one of the most visited places, due to its enormous attraction, on the island of Formentera. More than the lighthouse itself, what is truly extraordinary about this place is the ensemble that forms the building with the impressive Mediterranean landscape, being, without a doubt, one of the best spots on the island to contemplate the sunset. From the narrow path in a straight line that leads to the lighthouse you can take one of the most characteristic snapshots of the island, with the lighthouse in the background.

Walking about 150 meters to the west, you will find the Torre Des Garroveret, one of the defense towers that formed the watchdog against pirate attacks on the island. The other point of interest in the area is La Cova Foradada, which became famous after the filming in this place of Julio Medem’s film “Lucía y el Sexo”. It is a small hole in the ground through which you can descend to access an unexpected balcony over the sea.

Faro de la Savina Formentera


Despite being one of the first buildings that the visitor sees as soon as they disembark on the island, the La Savina lighthouse is the least known of the three lighthouses on Formentera. Like the La Mola lighthouse and the Barbaria lighthouse, the La Savina lighthouse helps ships in the area to see the coastline. It is located in the same port of La Savina and very close to the famous Estany de Peix. Despite not being as majestic as the previous two, the La Savina lighthouse has a special charm due to the port environment that surrounds it, and even has a direct access walkway to the door itself.

After this tour through the three lighthouses of Formentera, you will have had a good idea of the many charms that await you on the island. And it is that these three points lead us to discover extraordinary Mediterranean landscapes, winding roads and beautiful villages that seem to take us by the hand on an exciting journey through time. This is Formentera: an island that, despite receiving thousands of tourists every year, strives to preserve its most authentic essence.