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The Mal del Cap Narratives Mal Dites Festival reaches its sixth edition with music and a lot of virality

Mal del Cap

DATE: November 23 – 30, 2019
PLACE: Can Ventosa | Malanga Coffee | Can Jordi

After its previous edition in which Mal del Cap threw the house through the window to celebrate the fifth anniversary, on November 23 will kick off the sixth edition of the Mal del Cap Narratives Festival, which this year has had the collaboration of the Consell de Ibiza, Ibiza Town Hall and Art Jove to bet on this sample of the most avant-garde audiovisual narratives.

This year, Mal del Cap returns to Ibiza on the map of the most alternative culture with a complete poster that this year has been designed by cartoonist Paco Alcázar, a draftsman in El Jueves, Orgullo y Satisfacción, Mongolia, El Víbora, El País Semanal, Rolling Stone, Cinemanía or Rockdelux, among others.

La Estrella de David

Thus, on Saturday 23rd at 11 pm the Festival’s presentation party will be held at the Malanga Café in Vila where we will have the opportunity to listen live for the first time in Ibiza to ‘La Estrella de David’, alter ego of David Rodríguez, one of the greats of the independent state scene. Rodriguez was part of the first indie generation of the ‘90, with Bach is Dead, Beef or Telefilme.

And now, in addition to his production work with La Bien Querida or Los Punsetes, he shows us his most personal side as a singer-songwriter in “La Estrella de David”, a formation with which he will play in Ibiza and which will be followed by a session of the DJ and producer Albacete based in Murcia, Don Flúor.

We will have to wait until the following Tuesday, day 26 to enjoy at the Youth Center of Vila C19 the first activity of the Festival, the exhibition at 7h30 pm of ‘Leo a la vida’, a documentary about the Cuban teacher Leonela Relys, creator of the most innovative literacy method so far, the ‘Yo, sí puedo’.

Thanks to the Department of Education of the City of Ibiza, the VI Mal del Cap Festival will screen this winning documentary of the World Woman Awards Gold Award Best Documentary (2018) and the VI Oriana Best Documentary Awards (2018) and after the exhibition, two of the creators of the documentary will participate in a colloquium that will deepen the issue of illiteracy.

On the morning of Wednesday, November 27, as on Thursday and Friday, at the Youth Center of Vila C19 the shorts of the youth section will be shown. Because, once again Mal del Cap is committed to the inclusion of audiovisual in classrooms with a selection of short films that are characterized by the inclusion of values of tolerance, fraternity, social justice and equality. It is a commitment of the association that, since the origins of the Festival, has had strong support from the Municipal Drug Plan of the City of Ibiza and C19 itself.

The objective is to promote the active participation of young people as agents of social and cultural change and, for this, one more year, the students of the different secondary schools of Ibiza will be in charge of awarding the prize of this section.

Axel Casas y Ronquete

But the highlight of the programming will take place in Can Ventosa thanks to the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the City of Ibiza. From 7h30 pm on Wednesday 27, we will be able to enjoy the first pass of short films to the contest of the official section (which has received this year more than 800 short films from all the latitudes of the world) and, after that we will have the opportunity to enjoy the duo of Basque humorists Axel Casas and Ronquete who will make a talk commenting on their work and explaining how to make a place on the Internet within the Show ‘Rissa a Eivissa’.

Axel Casas and Ronquete are two young people from Donosti who have spent years delighting us with their peculiar humour on the network and who thanks to their talent achieved the sponsorship of Andreu Buenafuente and Terrat, a producer with whom they carried out their series ‘VHS’. Currently the YouTube channel ‘Axelcasas’ share their comic gags.

The shorts will continue on Thursday, November 28 in Can Ventosa with the second session, after which Mal del Cap, in collaboration with the Art Jove program, will present the new documentary ‘Creative Destruction’ of a city, from the prize-winning team Goya and the first prize of the Art Jove 2017 short film contest for his documentary ‘Gaza’, which will also be screened.

The first prize of the Art Jove consisted of 2000 euros in cash, and 4000 euros more destined to finance a new cinematographic project that has been finalized in the short film ‘Destrucció Creativa d’una ciutat’ of which its creators will speak, accompanied by several people in charge of Art Jove and the Ibizan filmmaker Héctor Escandell who will also tell us about his feature film ‘Incestum’.

Julián Génisson

The last short pass will come to Can Ventosa on Friday, November 29, the day the public voting will end, which will also be responsible for giving the prize of the same name. After that, we will enjoy a round table that, under the title of ‘Be Viral, my friend’ will discuss virality on the Internet. For this, we will have the participation of Julián Génisson, Christian Flores, or Spaghetti Monster (Anastasia Bengoechea).

Julián Génisson is a member of the audiovisual group Canódromo Abandonado. He has written and directed The Tomb of Bruce Lee (2013) and co-written and co-directed That Sensation (2015). In addition, he is a film critic and writer – he has recently published ‘Cerebroleso’, and is currently filming the thriller vaporwave Inmotep.

For its part, Spaghetti Monster is the alter ego of Anastasia Bengoechea. Bachelor of Advertising defines herself as a graphic humorist. His drawings are the reflection of many of the facets of modern life: miseries, insecurities, anguishes, existential problems, love, broken hearts …, always with scathing humour. He has a strong presence in the main media of our country, collaborating with the Country, The Country Temptations, Mongolia, the Vanguard, Vogue and Glamor, as well as with some of the leading brands such as Nike, Samsung or Calvin Klein.

Finally, if the name of Christian Flores does not tell you anything, it can only be for one reason: you do not know what the creator of the video ‘Velaske I am beautiful’ is called. But Christian before he managed to viralize the content he created on PlayGround, he already had a web series and several traps on his YouTube channel and is undoubtedly one of the brains most capable of talking about virality on the internet.

And like every year, the closing of the Mal del Cap Festival will take place at the legendary Can Jordi Blues Station roadshow where the awards ceremony will take place and the event will end its activities with the concert of the Aragonese duo ‘Los Gandules’ that promise to make us laugh with their humorous versions of well-known songs.