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Nits de Tanit invites you to travel the world through music

Nits de Tanit con Eivor


DATES: June 30 – September 1 2019
HOUR: 22h00
PLACE: External Campus of the University Extension d’Eivissa (Headquarters)

The Nits de Tanit. Music of the World festival is back this summer to introduce both tourists and residents to diverse musical styles from around the world. The concerts will be held, once again, in the outer grounds on Ibiza’s UIB (University of the Balearic Islands) headquarters, on Calvario Street.

Nits de Tanit kicks off on June 30 with Madagascar group Toko Telo, presenting their latest album in which they reinvent Malagasy traditional music – the tspiky, the jihe and the beko. The next concert will be held on July 14, with a performance by Galicia Luar na Lubre, one of the most renowned Celtic folk bands from the Galician music scene. They will be presenting their latest album: Ribeira Sacra (2018).

July 28 will be the turn of Kalàscima, an Italian group that has become famous in recent years after playing at festivals around the world. Their music has been defined as “trance-folk” and they use a wide variety of instruments. In their latest album, entitled K, they start with percussion as their base and move on to fuse the traditional tarantella with electronic music.

On the 16th of August, we will be accompanied by the hypnotic voice of Faroese singer-songwriter ‘Eivør‘, famous in Iceland and Scandinavia. Eivør covers genres such as classical music, pop and jazz and has released more than fifteen albums.

On August 18, we will be transported to Asia thanks to Iranian singer Zohreh Jooya, born to an Afghan father and an Iranian mother. In collaboration with Iranian and Afghan musicians and artists, the singer has recorded several albums that mix Persian, Kurdish and Azerbaijani multicultural traditions with the Western sounds of classical music and jazz.

The highlight of the festival will be the performance of Delgres, a group from the Antillean island of Guadalupe. Inspired by blues music, this powerful band has created a very personal style that has led them to play at festivals around the world.