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Tribute to Woodstock, the Festival of Festivals

Woodstock festival en Las Dalias

DATE: 1st of May
HOUR: 12 pm – 00 am
PLACE: Las Dalias at Santa Eulalia

It was August of 1969 when Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, Joe Cocker or the great Jimi Hendrix among others gave the world three days for universal memory. That hippy adventure was Woodstock and changed the story forever.

Three days that became a defining moment not only of that decade but in the history of music, bringing together artists who have been a great influence for later generations.

The legendary Woodstock festival is considered to be the first macro-festival in history, as well as a symbol of counterculture and a legacy for those who love music above all else.

With 32 performances, Woodstock gathered 400,500 spectators although 500,000 say have been there. The organization expected 60,000 while the number of people estimated by the NYPD was 6,000, and an estimated 250,000 could not reach it. The entrance cost 18 dollars for the three rainy days.

Woodstock became the icon of a generation tired of wars and who preached peace and love as a way of life and showed their rejection of the system. Their ideals were pacifism, free love, life in communes, environmentalism and love for music and the arts.

Woodstock is still immortal: on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the festival Las Dalias announces a commemorative celebration. Las Dalias will open its doors at 12 pm, to extend for 12 hours with activities of different nature all related to the Woodstock Festival. 17 local musicians and two musical stages will pay homage to the great bands that participated in the summer of 1969.

The mythical hall of Las Dalias will be transformed into an interactive space that will host the extra musical activities of the Festival. An exhibition of original photographs by Baron Wolman, official photographer of the festival. In his more than 80 years, we owe the tangible memories of those three days of “peace, love and rock.”

Also in the room will be projected an audiovisual sample of material related to the 50th anniversary of the most legendary festival in the world.

There will also be recreational areas, such as the “kid area”, the hippy market or the well-known Street Food Festival, which will provide food service throughout the day to the participants with their food trucks.