Dec 03 2019




Gratis / Free

Cinefòrum Eivissa was born wanting to create a space for reflection, in which the classic films are shown but above all the independent American cinema, along with the creations, much more varied, of European cinematographies, and filmed in Catalan.

Today, Cinefòrum presents the movie ‘Summer with Monika’ (Sommaren med Monika, Sweden – 1953) by director Ingmar Bergman.

Synopsis: Harry Lund, 19 years old, works at a stock-room for glass and porcelain. In the vicinity works 17-year-old Monika at a stock-room for vegetables. Monika is a cheerful and happy young woman and when she sees Harry at a cafe she starts to talk with him. They fall in love with each other. Because of their age, they are both harassed at their respective places of work. Monika has an argument with her father and leaves her home, Harry has an argument with his boss and quits. Since they have nothing that ties them to the city, they take Harry’s small boat to the archipelago to be alone for a few weeks. (FILMAFFINITY)

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