Dec 10 2019




Gratis / Free

Cinefòrum Eivissa was born wanting to create a space for reflection, in which the classic films are shown but above all the independent American cinema, along with the creations, much more varied, of European cinematographies, and filmed in Catalan.

Today, Cinefòrum presents the movie ‘On Body and Soul’ (A teströl és a lélekröl, Hungary – 2017) by director Ildikó Enyedi.

Synopsis: A slaughterhouse in Budapest is the setting of a strangely beautiful love story. No sooner does Mária start work as the new quality controller than the whispers begin. At lunch, the young woman always chooses a table on her own in the sterile canteen where she sits in silence. She takes her job seriously and adheres strictly to the rules, deducting penalty points for every excessive ounce of fat. Hers is a world that consists of figures and data that have imprinted themselves on her memory since early childhood. Her slightly older boss Endre is also the quiet type. Tentatively, they begin to get to know each other. Recognising their spiritual kinship, they are amazed to discover that they even have the same dreams at night. Carefully, they attempt to make them come true. (FILMAFFINITY)

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