Jan 30 2020



Teatro Ibiza hosts the monologues of Toni Moog, who promises to deepen his South American philosophy, more rogue than ever, if possible.

Toni Moog is a beast of voracious and insatiable humour. After astonishing more than 400,000 spectators with his previous shows (Singles, Facemoog, Follamigas, Blanca Navidad, La Cocina de los Monólogos, Hollymoog…), now it returns again with this new show.

Apart from the theater, the most tattooed and unleavened comedian in the country has recorded monologues with Paramount Comedy and El Club de la Comedia, whose visits on YouTube exceed 3 million. One day he slipped on a television set and has also participated in various programs and success series, such as Homo Zapping, UAU!, La Tribu, Boqueria 357, Aída, and Pasapalabra, he is a contributor to the program Tot is mou of TV3 and is shooting a humour film.

Address: Teatro Ibiza – Carrer de Carles III, 24, 07800 Ibiza