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European Archeology Days at the Puig des Molins Museum

Jornadas Europeas con visitas a Puig des Molins
Jornadas Europeas con visitas a Puig des Molins


Jun 20 2020 - Jun 21 2020




Gratis / Free



European Archeology Days at the Puig des Molins Museum

The Puig des Molins Archaeological Museum participates in the European Archeology Days 2020, organized by INRAP (Institut national de recherches archéologiques préventives), offering activities both through the MAEF’s social networks and face-to-face visits to the Puig des Molins Monographic Museum and the MAEF Conservation and Restoration Laboratory.

From Tuesday, June 16 to Friday, June 19, following @MAEF on social networks you will find publications and activities specially prepared for the European Archeology Days.

Saturday, June 20, there will be free guided tours of the Puig des Molins necropolis site, by the historian Carmen Mezquida Orti, at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.

On Sunday 21, two free guided tours are scheduled at the Conservation and Restoration Laboratory as well as at the MAEF warehouses, two simultaneous groups at 11:00 am, led by the restorer Helena Jiménez Barrero and the archaeologist and conservator Maria Bofill Martínez.

The face-to-face activities on the 20th and 21st will be held at the Puig del Molins Monographic Museum, without prior appointment and in order of arrival. The capacity of each group will be 10 people, and always respecting the new security, health and hygiene measures established by the Ministry of Health.

For more information: comunicacio@maef.eu

ADDRESS Puig del Molins Monographic Museum – Via Romana, 31, 07800 Ibiza