Aug 18 2019




Gratis / Free

The festivities of Sant Bartomeu will last until September 22, with the idea of giving a new impulse to the parties with new activities and also consolidating the traditions.

The programming of the Earth Festival (Sant Antoni):

7 pm Carthaginian and Roman armament workshop. Shields and swords painting, puppet customization and sling shooting demonstration.
7 pm Traditional market. Local producers and artisans from all over the island will offer products from the Ibizan orchard and exhibit all kinds of traditional crafts. There will also be a watermelon tasting. In charge of the Handicraft Association Portmany.
7h30 pm Children’s t-shirt graffiti. In the park of Passeig de ses Fonts.
8h30 pm Payés dance exhibition. In charge of the Grup Folklòric Brisa de Portmany.
9h15 pm Sirenas Show. Acrobatics, lights and fantasy show by Acrobati-k.
9h30 pm Sardinada popular with vegetables from the land. Come dressed as a peasant and we invite you to a sardine to suck your fingers!
10 pm Bluesmafia concert and it’s Saligardos. A very large Ibizan band! Jumpin ‘blues, swing, boogie and rock & roll.

Check the complete programming HERE.

Address: Passeig de ses Fonts, Sant Antoni de Portmany