Oct 16 2019




Gratis / Free

The Club Diario de Ibiza hosts the exhibition entitled ‘MAMA: art contra el càncer‘, where more than twenty artists and photographers will give their particular vision of this disease.

Some of the artists who collaborate in this collective exhibition are: Júlia Ribas, Loli Hidalgo, Aída Miró, Romanie, Diana Bustamante, Elisabeth Louy, Julia Fragua, Josefina Torres, Cristina Ferrer, Raquel Broza, Lo L Malone, Marieli Correa, Nilda Ventura , Ana Pascual, Aisha Bonet, Carmen Vila, Elisa Torreira, Patricia Boned, Lilian Jung, Marta Fofi, Marta Yanini, Valentina Riccardi, …

Many of them have donated their work and everything that is collected will go to the investigation of metastatic breast cancer, a disease, incurable today.

Visiting hours: Monday – Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm

Address: Diario de Ibiza – Avinguda de la Pau, 4, 07800 Ibiza