Aug 11 2019 - Sep 22 2019


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The festivities of Sant Bartomeu will last until September 22, with the idea of giving a new impulse to the parties with new activities and also consolidating the traditions.

The program presents several novelties such as S’Ou Festival, a tortilla contest in a summer meeting between friends and family where eggs will be the main protagonists and live music by Flor de Higuera will not be missing, in s’Arenal on 31 of August.

Among the novelties also highlights the party ‘Jamón and flamenco‘ that will be held behind the church on August 17, or the first Local Sant Bartomeu Regatta, which will be held on August 25 in Caló des Moro at 11h30 am and is Open to participants of all ages. In a distance of approximately 200 meters, the crew will have to compete with a homemade boat where the most important thing is to go in disguise and that the boat does not sink.

Regarding music, this year there is a strong commitment to local groups. The most outstanding performance will be that of the new band of Joan Barbé and David Serra, Joven Dolores, who with their live show will put the finishing touch to the Party of Carthaginians and Romans on September 7 at the beach of s’Arenal, where previously Drivers Morning group will perform. In addition, on August 18 the band Bluesmafia and Es Saligardos will offer a concert at 10 pm to conclude the Earth Festival at the Passeig de ses Fonts.

The program also has the most traditional festivals, such as the big day of Sant Bartomeu on August 24, with the mass, procession and ball pagès by the folk group Brisa de Portmany that this year will be accompanied by the group of Egunsenti dance Taldea de Mundaka (Basque Country). The day will conclude with the great feast of the Movida in s’Arenal with Dj Vázquez and Petit, who will perform for the first time outdoors in their town, and the traditional fireworks of Sant Bartomeu, which will have 350 kilos of gunpowder.

Check the complete programming HERE.

Address: different places of Sant Antoni de Portmany