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Kids theatre: Luppo

Espectáculo infantil Luppo - theatre teatro
Espectáculo infantil Luppo - theatre teatro


Oct 25 2020


12:30 - 13:30




Sant Josep

Kids theatre: Luppo

Luppo is a children’s theatre play that talks about the cycle of life, our attachment to the people around us, particularly our elders, and the importance of the stories we build throughout life.

Luppo is an older man who lives alone and every day at twelve o’clock noon he turns on his gramophone and listens to opera. Always the same song. He has a friend, Tulún, a boy who also brings him bread, spices and a newspaper every day. And every day Luppo tells a story of his life to Tulún. One morning Tulún arrives with the purchase and Luppo is not…

‘Luppo’, with a script by Andrea Bayer and directed by Óscar Ferreira, has received various awards, including the Award for Best Show for Children and Families at the 18th Castilla y León Theater Fair.

On October 25, the Centre Cultural de Can Jeroni will host the theatre play ‘Luppo’, by the Baobab Teatro company, a piece aimed at children in which puppets and actors tell a story about the ages of life and the importance of the elderly with whom we live.

The show ‘Luppo’ will begin at 12:30 pm, it is in Spanish, has an estimated duration of 50 minutes and is aimed at a child audience from 4 years old. Due to the access restrictions in force due to the pandemic, an invitation for the representation must be reserved in advance through the