Mal del Cap Festival 2021

Mal del Cap 2021
Mal del Cap 2021


Oct 30 2021


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Mal del Cap Festival 2021

The Mal del Cap Festival in Ibiza will arrive on October 30 for its seventh edition, betting again on the avant-garde not only in its programming -one of the most blatant on the state scene- but also in its graphic image that this year is the responsibility of the designer Alba Diethelm and the cartoonist, director, writer, and screenwriter Manuel Bartual.

In addition, Bartual and Diethelm are the directors of ¡Caramba!, an independent Spanish publisher specialized in humor comics and their particular vision has made them responsible for a colorful poster this year, very much in tune with the philosophy of Mal del Cap, in which you can see the silhouette of a man with an eerie resemblance to Paco Alcázar, the person in charge of the poster for the previous edition of this Festival, which began as shorts and which, over time, has become a festival of new narratives that It is becoming more and more known outside the island of Ibiza itself.

For this reason, the Mal del Cap cultural association, organizer of the Festival, has joined the Ibiza Tourism Board, the Ibiza Council, and the Ibiza Town Council, with whose support they are committed for the first time to make the festival coincide with the bridge of ‘Todos los Santos’ in the month of November. In this way, the seventh edition of this modern event will take place between Saturday, October 30 and Saturday, November 6; a full week in which the Festival’s programming will feature live podcasts such as ‘El Renacimiento’, performances such as that of Lorena Iglesias, or Irene Francolí; Talks such as those by Lidia García “The queer cañí bot”, short films and the preview of two new films that will give a lot to talk about during the winter of 2021 as ‘Visitor’ by the Alicante director Alberto Evangelio -which has also been selected at the Festival de Sitges-, or ‘Shanghai shone between the lines’ of the versatile artist and member of the ‘Pioneers of the XXI Century’, Didac Alcaraz.

And the highlight of this edition will be the last of the program’s activities: a world premiere, of which Mal del Cap will give more details later but which has to do with ‘Biotopía’, the science fiction podcast directed precisely by Manuel Bartual, in which Alba Diethelm also participates. In this way, these artists will participate in duplicate in the VII Mal del Cap Festival in Ibiza.