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Nits de Museu

Nits de Museu en Can Ros Ibiza
Nits de Museu en Can Ros Ibiza


Jul 18 2020






Santa Eulària

Nits de Museu

The Can Ros Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza offers us open-air concerts and shows every summer within the framework of the ‘Nits de Museu’ program.


JULY 4: Concert by Imarantia. The intimate and vital musical project formed by Maria Jose Cardona and Miquel Brunet, who seeks answers and wants to reach people, a connection between islands that seeks to settle between reason and feelings.

JULY 12: Agustín ‘El Casta’ show. With his special sense of observation and his facility to capture circus where there is; Agustín creates and writes the script for all his shows. Generally, he structures them in a series of three or four monologues interpreted by different characters and linked by the same theme as a common thread.

JULY 18: Concert by the Port Vell group. The Group was born in December 1995 and its first year on the market is very satisfactory. They have played in Catalonia, but also in Sweden and Finland.

All the performances are free and will start at 10 P.M. (except on the 12th, which will be held at 9 P.M. and the other at 10 P.M.). This year, for security reasons, the capacity will be limited to 60 people who will have an assigned seat. To attend it is necessary to sign up by calling 971 332 845 or by sending an email to

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