Jul 13 2019




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Buster Keaton

The Town Hall of Sant Josep presents the free sessions of the outdoor cinema. Every Saturday at 10 pm.

This year Buster Keaton’s films will be screened:

Three Ages (United States – 1923) by Buster Keaton y Edward F. Cline
Sherlock Jr. (United States – 1924) by Buster Keaton
The Navigator (United States – 1924) by Donald Crisp y Buster Keaton
Our Hospitality (United States – 1923) by Buster Keaton y John G. Blystone
Steamboat Bill, Jr. (United States – 1928) by Buster Keaton y Charles Reisner
Battling Butler (United States – 1926) by Buster Keaton

Address: Church square of Sant Jordi