The painter Picasso and the harlequin

Museo de Picasso


May 10 2020 - May 31 2020

The Museo Picasso Málaga presents on its website ‘Harlequin. An exhibition to look at and read’, the first digital exhibition in the history of the museum with which it reveals the reasons why Picasso endorsed the jester par excellence of the Commedia dell’arte. This digital exhibition was born as an in-person collaborative exhibition project with which the Museo Picasso Málaga wished to welcome the generous personal initiative of actor Antonio Banderas opening the Soho Theater in Malaga in November 2019. The global pandemic that has paralyzed the cultural activity throughout the planet, forced to suspend the exhibition in the rooms of the institution.

As a digital illustrated book, the exhibition is divided into three chapters. In the first part, aspects of the interesting relationship between Picasso and the figure of the harlequin are presented, particularly around the Harlequin painting (1917). The second chapter delves into the history of Commediadell’Arte. The third section addresses the masking strategy shared by painters and actors in their respective professions. The exhibition ends with an anthology of texts, films and a selection of books that enrich the knowledge of this subject.

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