Oct 10 2019




Gratis / Free

The Monographic Museum Puig des Molins presents the Cycle of films dedicated to the Spanish Civil War.

Today the film ‘¡Ay, Carmela!’ (Spain – 1990) by Carlos Saura is shown.

Synopsis: Paulino and Carmela are husband and wife, troubadours touring the countryside during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). They are Republicans, and with their mute assistant, Gustavete, they journey into rebel territory by mistake. They are arrested, fear a firing squad, and receive a reprieve from an Italian Fascist commander who loves the theatre. He arranges a performance for his troops, bargaining with Paulino to stage a burlesque of the republic in exchange for the actors’ freedom. Will the fiery and patriotic Carmela consent? (FILMAFFINITY)

Address: Museo Monográfico Puig des Molins – Via Romana, 31, 07800 Ibiza