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#Solo Mythym Lab

Solo Mythym Lab
Solo Mythym Lab


Sep 26 2020


10:00 - 15:00





#Solo Mythym Lab

Have you ever had déjà vu? Have you found people who are familiar to you? Have you visited places that you feel you already knew?

#SML Solo Mythym Lab is developed in a context of care and confidentiality, a guided practice that aims to accompany the participant in their creative process. It starts with the presentation and introduction of regression-meditation, thus allowing to generate a common base from which to approach the practice.

Regression allows activating cellular memory and thus accessing one’s own story, a dramaturgy from which bodily states, textures and qualities of movement are reached that generate an authentic dance and facilitate the creative process by living the experience with awareness and naturalness. The objective of the workshop is a purely physical and corporal work that begins with regression as a meditative process that starts from the personal.

The price is € 130 (if the deposit is made before September 20) and after € 150.

Registration and more info: 609 288 260 (Clàudia) or