Jun 08 2019



The Can Ventosa Cultural Space hosts the theatrical performance ‘El Funeral’ by Manuel M. Velasco.

Lucrecia Conti, the most important actress of cinema, theatre and television in Spain, has passed away. We attended the great wake that the Ministry of Culture has organized in her honour in a theatre so that the public can say goodbye to her admired star. Her granddaughters Ainhoa and Mayte put order because the signs of affection are immense. Miguel also appears, a distant cousin whose real kinship is unknown. Everything changes when the assistants are locked in the theatre because the ghost of Lucrecia appears to say goodbye in a big way. Nobody gives credit to what happens. The ghost has issues to solve even with his own representative, Alberto Lujan, who tries to contain as much as he can to the press that crowds out. The news is appearing in all the media, and all the television programs are sending mobile units to the theatre to connect live with Lucrecia … or what is left of her.