Mar 06 2020



On March 6, 7 and 8, the Can Ventosa Cultural Space hosts the play “Solo son mujeres”.

Synopsis. The Republic meant for women the conquest of public space. The right to vote, education and divorce is the reflection of a liberating spirit that broke from rennet. The punishment of women in the civil war was twofold; on the one hand, they were tried and convicted by military courts for crimes of relief, incitement or excitement to the rebellion’ and on the other, they were subjected to a second social conviction: seclusion in the domestic space and abandonment of public spaces that they could only be occupied exclusively by men. The theatre company Rita Luna shows a current vision of the consequences of these incarcerations speaks of children separated from their families, sent to other countries to save them from certain death, and of descendants who today continue to struggle to find the remains of family members forgotten in any mass grave.

The three disciplines together, theatre (text), dance and live music will serve to pay tribute to all those fighters, heroines condemned to silence and to talk about our Historical Memory, an essential key to looking at our future.

Address: Can Ventosa Cultural Space – Avinguda d’Ignasi Wallis, 26, 07800 Eivissa