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Theatre: La Zanja

Teatro La Zanja Theatre
Teatro La Zanja Theatre


Oct 22 2020






Santa Eulària

Theatre: La Zanja

The Titzina Theatre company returns to Santa Eulària to present its new production: La Zanja. The company presents its own work, the result of research work and anthropological journalism. Pako Merino and Diego Lorca -dramatists, directors and performers-, reflect in a tragicomic key on the particular clash of civilizations between Europe and America and their collective history. You can enjoy the show on the 22nd at 8.30 pm at the Ibiza Conference Center in Santa Eulària.

The theatre play ‘La Zanja’ tells the story of Miguel, a technician for a multinational mining company, who arrives at company exploitation in South America. Alfredo (the mayor) and his community await this new “discoverer”. The reunion of two worlds and different ways of understanding life occurs. The ambitions, opportunities and consequences of the implantation of the mine mark the future of the town and the relations between neighbours.

This is the fifth creation of the company, which has been produced over low heat. Diego Lorca and Pako Merino have done, as in the other creations, a great work of anthropological journalistic investigation, interviewing and living with the protagonists.

‘La Zanja’ took them to live in Peru where they investigated a polarized society around the mining economy and delved into the history of Francisco Pizarro and Atahualpa in 1532, which resulted at the beginning of the relationship between two unknown worlds until then: Europe and America.

Tickets to the theatre can be obtained for 15 euros (plus management fees) on the website or 20 euros at the show’s box office (one hour before the start). The play has an expected duration of 80 minutes and is in Spanish.