Espacio Micus

Obras de Espacio Micus


Eduard Micus (1925-2000) spent his life on the island of Ibiza since 1972. Between 1985 and 2000 he designed and built the Espacio Micus,  an intuitively composed set of wide and white rooms, with elaborate lighting and details, with a view over the bay of Ibiza town.

The Space permanently shows the work of Eduard Micus, but also hosts individual o group exhibitions of contemporary artists or other cultural events, as for example concerts.

Espacio Micus is its most ambitious legacy, it is the realization of its aesthetic ideal, of its conceptual contrasts, developed in all its fullness, both the container and the content involved in its aesthetic ideology in an enveloping and coherent way. Seeing the work of Eduard Micus in his Space makes possible the total understanding of his work, the understanding of his concern and respect for nature, his immense love for the Mediterranean light. Integration of art and nature. His immense love for the island. His total work.

Organic, rough whitewash walls become the perfect container for the works arranged in its different rooms, bathed in natural light, coming from the windows and the ceiling, which maintain a lively dialogue over the hours and even from the seasons. Micus’ pictorial work can only be understood as a permanent investigation of contrast, of the action of light that fills and empties spaces, that discovers and hides, that illuminates the work and also the viewer.

The functioning of the human eye, reads the light in the same way that Micus arranges its contrasts, floods the light from left to right, from top to bottom, thus Micus paints and composes, we could say that by illuminating emptiness and fullness, the presence of nature and its absence.

ADDRESS: ESPACIO MICUS – Ctra. Jesús, 0, Km 3, 07849 Cala Llonga

DOMINGO: 11h00 – 14h00

CITA PREVIA: 971 191 923