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The Ibizan Juan Fluxà founded the family business Ibiza Distillery in order to promote the wealth of the most traditional products of the land and sea of Ibiza, such as herbs and liqueurs, covered in modernity to be enjoyed through the five senses.

Destilerías Ibiza is born from the passion for the land, the native plants and the artisan work that Juan acquired over the years in his family environment. The Ibizan tradition makes Juan Fluxà fall in love to make him one of the greatest defenders of local products on the island.

This is how the adventure of this young Ibiza businessman begins and their determination to bottle the heart of the Ibizan forest in an absolutely natural and artisanal way. From this process, he achieves his successful family formula of Ibizan herbs (with the designation of origin) that has passed, with a note, the tasting of the most experienced farmers.

The Fluxà Ibiza company is in a constant process of innovation and development of new products mixing aromas, flavours and textures that bring the island in the most flavorful and intoxicating way for those who want to try it.

ADDRESS: FLUXÀ IBIZA – C/ del Ginebre, 07849 Can Ramón

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