Ibiza City Tours

Ibiza City Tours


Do you want to know more about the incredible story of the construction of the renaissance wall, the amazing adventures of the Phoenicians through the Mediterranean sea, and the improbable feats and mysteries of the Ibiza land pirates?

Ibiza City Tours will tell you all this while taking you on a pleasant walk through the highlights of the city, which is one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean sea, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Plus, Ibiza City Tours will show you some secrets spots you certainly wouldn’t have explored on your own, such as the old Can Comasema, a Gothic house of the 15th century, probably one of the most impressive and monumental palaces in town, the Conquista street, an awfully beautiful and picturesque street, or the Soto, a hidden tunnel from where the Ibizan soldiers entered the city without being seen by the enemies… And all this accompanied by awfully nice and funny guides!

So come join us on our Day or on our Night tour! No need for reservation, just drop by the meeting point, the Café Mar y Sol in the port, Carrer Lluís Tur i Palau, 22, 07800 Ibiza, 10 minutes before the start.

LUNES:  9h00 – 21h00
MARTES: 9h00 – 21h00
MIÉRCOLES:  9h00 – 21h00
JUEVES:  9h00 – 21h00
VIERNES:  9h00 – 21h00
SÁBADO:  9h00 – 21h00
DOMINGO:  9h00 – 21h00