Umami Ibiza Sushi & Bento

Entrada a Umami Ibiza


Umami is a personal bet of Carlos and Mario, two friends with a passion in common: cooking… To add youth and experience, who apply with enthusiasm and good work to their kitchen, Umami Ibiza Sushi & Bento is born, a unique way, different from understanding quality Japanese cuisine.

Their experience allows them to offer their sushi wherever you prefer, organize events for you and yours wherever you indicate. As well as the Japanese cooking and sushi introduction courses that they offer, and that will become moments of enjoyment and learning. 

ADDRESS: UMAMI IBIZA SUSHI & BENTO – Avenida de Vicente Serra, 4, 07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines

LUNES:  19h30 – 23h00
MIÉRCOLES:  19h30 – 23h00
JUEVES:  13h00 – 23h00
VIERNES:  13h00 – 23h00
SÁBADO:  13h00 – 23h00
DOMINGO:  13h00 – 23h00